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BioWare Fan Group

Bioware Fangirls
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News. fan fiction, fan art, fangirling and roleplaying concentrated around the Bioware games
The what?

We are a group of Bioware Fangirls - although fanboys are more than welcome to join us as well!

What that means is that we are a bunch of gamer girls who, initially, began gathering together from all over the world and internet after the release of Dragon Age: Origins. But our love does cover all the other Bioware games as well - namely the Baldur's Gate series, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect (and the up-coming sequel), Neverwinter Nights and Jade Empire.


This LJ community is meant to be a playground for us fangirls and boys - so that we can discuss, write, draw, hormonestorm and giggle to infinity together and realize that we are not alone with our obsessions. Throw in interesting or funny links, share us your fan fiction and fan art, discuss whatever is on your mind about the games, the NPC's, the plotlines, anything related, and revel in the fandom!


Joining has been opened, so if you have a passion for the Bioware games, you will certainly fit right in! Go crazy and giggly, get inspiration and share your ideas and products of creativity. All we ask is to hide all NSFW material behind a cut and give a fair warning about it - but don't get this wrong, we do love our fictional girls and guys topless or even racier than that! Spoilers are inevitable and sillyness is near-obligatory.

If you have questions or any concerns, please contact the mods ilmatart and/or inversereality.

BiowareFanClub @ deviantART
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