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Marauder Shields Mask Challenge: Become the Protector!
inversereality wrote in biowarefangirls
To all fans of Marauder Shields: now's your chance to win exclusive Marauder Shields gear and goodies! The Koobismo Team behind the comic on deviantArt is running a competition open to ALL fans of any age and location to submit pictures of themselves wearing the Marauder Shields mask in exchange for prizes! 

Be the Protector Photo Contest!

The kickass folks over at Koobismo who brought us the Marauder Shields comic are coming to Comic Con!
Not only that, they have issued an official CHALLENGE to the BioWare fandom to show the world their love for the Marauder Shields series and the Mass Effect universe!

To enter, all you have to do is assemble a printed out copy of one of our Marauder Shields masks available here:
Put it on yourself or a loved one. Or you can gather a group of MS-loving friends and submit the photo via...

...or DA (upload to your profile and post a link in the Official Contest Comments page)
The Koobismo Team will choose the three photos they like the most - whether they are the coolest, funniest, prettiest, most creative, most inspired by the comic, or because of any other reason... 
If you don't have the option of printing out the masks in their full size, consider doing something else, something creative. Print out a smaller one and put it on your younger brother, your cactus, a mannequin (why the hell are you keeping mannequins in your room?), even your finger... Just be aware, that the ones in which the mask is actually on you, have greater chances of winning.

You don't have to actually wear the mask - if you want to glue it onto a stick or hold it against your face, that's fine. Just don't do a Photoshop montage - the goal is to see physical Marauders out there! Photoshop images, while funny, will not be considered in the judging, and therefore not eligible for priiizes.


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