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Marauder Shields 24: Never Alone
inversereality wrote in biowarefangirls
The Koobismo team presents... another episode in the epic tale of Marauder Shields.
This comic is a dramatic revisionist retelling of the Mass Effect 3 story's ending. It is done by fans for fans, and not in any way for profitMarauder Shields is a celebration of all the things we love about the story, the characters, and the universe of Mass Effect. It's a vision of what fans would like to see as the true completion of a moving and epic trilogy arc.

Marauder Shields is a tribute. If you enjoyed it, please pass it on.

What is Marauder Shields? 

(from Know Your Meme)  "Marauder Shields is the final enemy that appears in Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. Following the poor reception of thegame’s ending sequence, fans on 4chan and Reddit began joking that the Marauder was put in the game to stop players from reaching the disappointing ending.
As the thread continued, commenters playfully martyrized the enemy, seeing him as the only thing standing between players and the disappointing ending. Later on March 14th, screenshots from the /v/ thread were shared on the Mass Effect subreddit.Additionally, a thread dedicated to the enemy character was created on the official BioWare Forums and a video titled “His Name Was Marauder Shields” was uploaded to YouTube depicting the character’s backstory."


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