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Happy Holidays, Everyone!!

Hope that your Winter celebrations have gone well and that your New Year will be bright! It's been awhile since our last update so please forgive the wall of text dump. On the plus side, it's choke-full of yummy BioWare related news, so we hope you enjoy!
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Hopelessly Romantic Ficlets, "Soris"
Title: Hopelessly Romantic Ficlets, "Soris"
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Genre: Fluff, reader insert
Starring: Soris (from City Elf origin), you
Pairing: Soris/you
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Age: Origins or you. I promise, I don't want you in that way.
Summary: Your sister was getting married, and despite yourself you begin to feel anxious over your own marital state.

Read it here @chellendora !

Mass Effect Crafts
I'm posting some Mass Effect gifts I made for Christmas!

Here's my husband's gifts, a Liara:


And a Garrus:


That is the cutest turian you've ever seen, don't even lie. (Shut up I know I forgot the visor.)


Mass Effect Scarf and Handwarmers for my ME Swap Person. Did I join the ME Swap just to have the chance to make these? Yes.

Musketeers - Milady de Winter
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bioware_land is a landcom for all Bioware games.

Team Tank, Team Healer and Team DPS are all looking for members this phase. Please join us!

Gideon Emery and Adam Howden's Q&A Panel

I didn't get all the panel recorded because it nomed my memory card and then the other video I took with my phone had no sound on it.

X-Posting this like a boss, sorry if you see it too many times.

Fic: Destinies Intertwined (Dragon Age 2/Dragonriders of Pern, Hawke/Anders pre-slash, PG-13)
[Dragon Age] Justice!Anders
Title: Destinies Intertwined
Author: heeroluva
Fandom: Dragon Age 2 fused with Dragonriders of Pern
Pairing: Hawke/Anders pre-slash
Rating: PG-13
Contains: references to rape/torture, pern AU, soulmates
Words: 2497
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I just like to play with them.
Summary: Hawke had heard the rumors of the male healer that had Impressed a gold only to disappear as soon as she’d been old enough to go between. He wasn’t sure which had caused the most uproar, that the queen had chosen a male or that he was a mage.
Notes: This is very much a bastardization of both canons with addition of things of my own making to make them fit together. Originally posted here. All mistakes are mine. Feel free to let me know if you see any. As always feedback is appreciated.


The Return of the BioWare Love Meme
We're back!

Need a pick me up? Why not come on over to the biowarelovememe  and ANONYMOUSLY post about something you love in the BioWare universe.
  • Got a favorite fanart or a particular fanartist you want to lavish praise on? Tell us!
  • Is there a fic out there, or a writer that never fails to make you happy? Tell them!
  • Is there someone/something in the realm of BioWare (here on LJ or elsewhere on the web, or maybe just game-related in general) that you just think needs more shout outs? Share it!
This meme is open to everyone and everything, as long as it is related to something in the realm of BioWare. However, there are a few guidelines:
  • Keep it anonymous, please! (CAPTCHA is on, IP logging is off)
  • Absolutely NO BASHING and NO WANKING. Or your comment will be hit with the ban-hammer (or is that Bann-Hammer?)
    of deletion.
  • Have fun!!!


BioWare Sept 2011 News Updates
(Reposted from our sister site, the DeviantArt BioWare Fan Club)

Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin DLC October 11th, 2011
In conjunction with the upcoming Dragon Age: Redemption web series, Felicia Day, known for her roles as Codex on The Guild as well as on Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog, will be starring in the accompanying DLC. Day, a long time gamer and big fan of the Dragon Age universe, also created and starred in the Dragon Age: Redemption web series. Both will be launching October 11th, 2011.

Watch the "Mark of the Assassin" Trailer HERE or view the Q&A w/Mike Laidlaw Part 1 | Part 1
Interview w/Felicia Day
Dragon Age Redemption Trailer
Dragon Age: Redemption Announcement
See the Tallis costume WIP

Mass Effect Movie Q&A

Legendary films posts a Q&A blog for the Mass Effect Movie. Read the article HERE

Mass Effect 4 is a Given, But What Can the Series Do to Improve?

"We have ambitious plans to continue this franchise going forward. Mass Effect 3 is simultaneously a couple of different things; a thrilling and epic conclusion to the trilogy as we promised our fans we’d provide for Commander Shepard, but it’s also a brand new beginning – it’s an entry point for new fans and it’s also a brand new beginning," BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka told PC Gamer. Read the article.

SW:TOR Official Release December 20th, 2011

The announcement was first made by BioWare co-founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk during their keynote address at the 2011 Eurogamer Expo in London, England. Speaking to a packed room of press and fans alike, Dr. Muzyka acknowledged the weight of the moment and the patience of the fans.

“This is an incredible moment for everyone at BioWare and our partners at LucasArts who have dedicated their lives to build this extraordinary game. We appreciate the patience from the millions of fans who have been waiting for the game’s release.”

Additional Updates

NOTE: Reminder that we are a community of FANS of BioWare, folks! So please, no hating on the comments. There *are* people out there who want the releases, and you don't need to be one of them to still be one of us.

To kiss you or kill you NSFW
gemini yinyang mistiqarts

DA: to kiss you or kill you
by *Mistiqarts on deviantART


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