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Interview with Marauder Shields Comic Creator Koobismo
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inversereality wrote in biowarefangirls
If you haven't already, consider checking out the awesome interview with deviantArt Marauder Shields comic creator Koobismo on Game Front!

In the article, Koobismo (Koobs to his friends) discusses the origins of the comic, its inspirations, and gives some powerful hints about the future of the story as well as teasers about its ending. In the interview, he says: 

"Mass Effect was the best sci-fi experience of my nerdy little life and I really didn’t want it to end with a nonsensical twist coming out of nowhere, casting a long, long shadow on the whole series, arbitrarily cancelling out its themes, breaking its backbone and laughing maniacally while doing so. For me, Mass Effect wasn’t finished, someone just took a 15-minute sequence out of a different story and pasted it into the wrong document."

The comic is a tribute to the things that fans loved about the universe of Mass Effect, and for many, is fast becoming the "real" ending that they all wished for in the story. The variant versions (such as different panels depending on a different Virmire survivor) as well as the inclusion of audio story adaptation further cement this status as the production's quality and class really emulates the experience of the full game story. "

The story of Marauder Shields is a story of hope and choice, and for fans it it's the choice that the production team didn't deliver. Fans of the comic may be delighted to learn that the comic of Marauder Shields is unfazed by BioWare's Extended Cut DLC and has plans to continue the story to a riveting finish. As reported, "the story won’t be concluded for, roughly, 33 weeks; because that’s how long it’ll take him to create the ending he, and roughly a million viewers, wanted to see from BioWare’s sci-fi saga." 

In a tantalizing glimpse at the audio side of the production, Koobs also reveals:

"We will have some voice cameos by awesome BioWare coolcats as well, but we’ll announce the details on that once their lines are ready and pending. With all of these fantastic touches planned, one can't wait to get the rest!

Full interview here:


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